Monday, January 18, 2010

boosting your credit score after bankruptcy

Life after bankruptcy is never fun to live in. People will try their possible best to avoid you at all cost. This is purely caused by the negative psychological effects of bankruptcy. And as such, drastic action needs to be taken to improve ones credit score.
One of the ways to increase your credit score after bankruptcy is to take a car or auto loan after bankruptcy. This is a valuable asset as far as credit building is concerned. The reason for this is that your car will act as collateral in the event of default.
Another way of boosting your credit score after bankruptcy is to be consistent in repaying your car loan or any other loan for that matter. Do this for at least two years and watch your credit score improve beyond your widest imagination.
If you are still single, getting married will help improve your credit score. People will naturally take you serious and see you as a responsible person if they know you are married.
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